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A little help goes a long way.

We all need help getting started on our path to better health and wellness. At FitMe Wellness, we employ the best personal trainers in the region.

Personal trainers

Each of FitMe Wellness' personal trainers holds certifications from nationally recognized organizations. We require our trainers to have multiyear experience before joining FitMe's ranks. Each of our trainers brings a unique perspective and background to helping you reach your fitness goals. Email us with your goals and your availability, and we'll match you with the right trainer from the get-go.


Put the ME in T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More). This small group training program builds strength and burns calories using barbells, steps, suspension straps, spin bikes, body weight exercises, and anything else our highly trained personal trainers throw at you in our specially designed Group Training Studio. This training program is for those looking to make a serious commitment to themselves and those willing to help hold each other accountable. Come ready to give it 100% at every workout and discover how you find your strength in numbers. Reach out to us and we'll get you find the right team.